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Preparing for Your First Visit

As with visiting any new doctor, there is always a certain amount of information that must be filled out.  We ask new patients to complete a Personal Assessment Form containing name, address and a few medical details etc.

We do ask that you plan to arrive about 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure the form is completed in your time rather than your appointment time.

Making the Most of Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing our clinic for your foot care needs.

A medical exam is not meant to be a one-way street where you just sit and let the doctor tell you what’s wrong. It should be a conversation that also addresses any questions or concerns, and we welcome any you may have. Don’t be afraid to write down a list of your symptoms and questions to bring in with you during the appointment. Nothing will slip your mind that way!

Here are some other things that might be helpful to have:

  • Information on any previous surgeries you may have had
  • Any important medical records or reports
  • A pair of well-worn shoes, especially if the problem involves heel pain, sports injuries, or your gait

If you have any additional questions before your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Whether you have heel pain, a sports injury or any other concerns, we look forward to providing the best in service and treatment for you and your family.