Chiropody and Podiatry treatments look after your feet and lower legs and here at Cummins Podiatry we are happy to look at all conditions you may be experiencing. To illustrate our skills here are details of some of the more regular issues that we treat.

It is always advisable to have your toenails professionally maintained. Patients with wider health issues particularly benefit from a Podiatrist managing their nails as often disease progression, such as diabetes, can be detected early in your feet. It is also easy to damage your nails when cutting them yourself which can lead to problems later, like ingrown nails.

Corns, calluses, hard skin and cracked heels
Our feet are integral to our mobility and work hard on a daily basis. Often their workload results in wear and tear of the skin that can be very painful. Although there are plenty over-the-counter treatments for corns, callouses, hard skin and cracked heels, it is far better to receive professional care to treat these conditions and to receive advice on how best to manage such issues to maintain comfort in the longer term.

Essentially, verrucae are foot warts caused by a virus. They are stubborn and slow to heal. Again, there are many over-the-counter treatments, but it is always best to take professional advice from a Podiatrist. Sometimes verrucae are best left and monitored, but depending on their size and location they may benefit from specialised treatments to aid healing and help ease discomfort.

Ingrown nails
Ingrown nails can be extremely painful. In some cases they can be managed with professional techniques to trim the nail. However, a point may come when the nail simply has to be removed. This is a standard procedure at Cummins and as part of the process there is an established after-care plan to ensure your toe is monitored as it heals and appropriate dressings are applied.

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