Home Visits

We offer a comprehensive Home Visits Service.

John, our principal Home Visits Podiatrist, is available to carry out treatments in the comfort of your own home. To book a Home Visit simply contact us on 0191 413 6611 and we will arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

This service offers a convenient option for people who have difficulty getting to a clinic, such as those with limited mobility, transportation issues, or chronic illnesses.

When you make your booking with us, we will ask you to provide some information about your medical history and foot problems. This will help John to prepare for the visit and bring any specialist equipment and supplies.

On the day of your visit, the Podiatrist will arrive at your home at the scheduled time. They will introduce themselves and ask you some questions about your foot health. They will then examine your feet and toes to look for any problems.

Once the Podiatrist has assessed your feet, they will discuss your treatment options with you. They may recommend a variety of treatments, such as:

  • Trimming and filing your nails
  • Removing corns and calluses
  • Treating ingrown toenails
  • Providing advice on foot care and footwear

The Podiatrist will perform the treatments that you agree to. They will use sterile instruments and follow all necessary safety precautions, exactly the same as the service we provide in clinic.

After the treatment is completed, John will answer any questions you have about your foot health. He may also provide you with advice on how to care for your feet at home.

Here are some tips for preparing for a home visit by a Podiatrist:

  • Have a seat ready for the podiatrist to sit on while they examine your feet.
  • Remove your socks and shoes.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, write them down so that you don’t forget to ask them.
  • Feel free to ask the podiatrist to explain any procedures they are performing.

Call Claire or Lorraine on 0191 413 6611 for advice and to arrange an appointment.

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